Listing Preparation

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We originally posted the following listing preparation information to social media over a 14 day period during the coronavirus quarantine. While quarantine may soon be over, preparing to list your home will remain. Since we had such an overwhelmingly positive response to these tips, we have included them all in this blog post. Keep in mind, not all items will apply to all homes. Also, they certainly don’t have to be completed in 14 days. If you are not sure which listing preparation items should be completed in your home, get in touch. We are happy to walk you through any steps you should take when listing your home for sale.

Listing Prep Day One:

De-ClutterThe best way to begin preparing your home to is to de-clutter. This means removing all personal items such as photos, keepsakes, mementos and the like. It isn’t because your things aren’t nice, but because a buyer needs to be able to see themselves living there. Whether your agent is bringing in staging pieces, staging with your furniture, or a combination of both, it’s important to create a blank canvas. This means removing all unnecessary items, magazines, toys, seldomly used items and knick-knacks. Ask your agent for advice, it’s important to make your home look like home to potential buyers.

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