Exterior Caulking Tip

Summer weather is ideal for an exterior caulking project. Warm weather gives you an opportunity to replace caulk and have time for it to dry. Caulking helps prevent rain and moisture from seeping in and causing rot. Therefore, caulking is an important project that will help protect your home for the long term. Start by carefully removing all caulk that is cracked, crumbling or pulling away. Once removed, check the areas and make sure they are clean and dry. If you discover areas of damage or rot, it’s time to call a professional. 

Now you are ready to replace it. Different products are designed for different projects. Consequently, you should be sure you select the correct caulking for the job. Also, consider choosing exterior caulking that is made to take paint. Chances are you will want to paint at some point and you will be glad you chose the right product.

Exterior Caulking

Caulking can help prevent water damage to your home, so it’s important to check the condition of your exterior caulk regularly. Want more helpful tips? Click here. Would you like information regarding buying or selling a home? Get in touch – we’re here to help you reach your real estate goals.