Freezing Pipes: Prevent Them!

Freezing temps are here and with that comes freezing pipes! Here are some simple steps you can take to help prevent freezing pipes. Take a moment to detach and store all outdoor hoses. The water left in hoses will freeze and expand. Also, it’s a way to ensure the water faucet is turned off. Once you have removed all hoses, install faucet covers. Insulated faucet covers cost only a few dollars and take moments to install.  Consumer reports offers some detailed information to prevent freezing pipes. 

Prevent freezing pipes

Exterior faucets and pipes are not the only thing at risk during a freeze. Interior pipes should also be protected. If you have a crawl space that gives you access to pipes, make sure they are covered with insulation. To protect bathroom and kitchens, leave the cold water on at a slight drip. You can also leave the cabinet doors open to allow warmer air to circulate. Taking steps now will prevent costly damage and repairs that happen when pipes freeze. You’ll be glad you did it!

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