Homes For Sale in Mukilteo

After much thought and discussion, you’ve decided to look at homes for sale in Mukilteo. So, what exactly are your options? The great news is, there are a number of wonderful neighborhoods and top-rated schools in Mukilteo. The challenge is, homes for sale in Mukilteo don’t stay on the market for very long, and often have multiple offers. How do you position yourself for success and what steps should you take? Here is our advice:

First time buyer

1. Find a mortgage lender

In this market, and really all markets, you should do your research and compare lenders before you start looking at homes. You don’t want to find dream homes for sale in Mukilteo and see them all sell while you are still choosing your mortgage lender. 

2. Get pre-approved

This step is more important than ever. Pre-approval is a step above pre-qualification and assures the seller that you can actually afford their home and close the transaction. This can make your offer stronger than making the highest offer. Taking this step will also speed up the process. Additionally, it will save you valuable time and heartache by avoiding homes for sale in Mukilteo that might be out of your price range.

3. Find a Mukilteo buyer’s agent

Not only do you need an agent that is experienced, but you need one that is very familiar with the local market in which you are looking to buy. Look for a top-rated agent with great reviews and interview them. The best buyer’s agent will come prepared with detailed information of local market trends. They will also listen to what you are looking for in a home, and be mindful of and realistic with your budget. It will be advantages to you to select a buyer’s agent who is also a certified negotiation expert. Because in a hot housing market, you will need those skills on your side.

Selling your home and buying another

Begin with step 3 above and make sure the agent you select has many successful sold listings and is willing and able to go the extra mile. To make both transactions go as smoothly as possible, use the same agent for your sale and purchase. If you are relocating out of the area, ask your real estate agent for a referral. This allows you and the agent to carefully coordinate both sides of the process. Selecting your agent first will give you the opportunity to discuss all of the options available to you: direct transition, temporary housing, or a bridge loan/HELOC if your home is in an area that is likely to sell quickly.

welcome to MukilteoFinding your dream home among the homes for sale in Mukilteo can be a reality for you. Make sure you are prepared for success. Happy house hunting!

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to assist you.