Pressure Washing Maintenance Tip

It’s perfect weather for pressure washing! While you have your pressure washer out, do your house, driveway, decks, patios and other exterior surfaces. You can do this annually so these surfaces look their best for outdoor fun and entertaining.  However, its something you need to do if you are planning other home improvements and repairs. Make sure you use a low pressure setting so as not to damage wood, siding and mortar.  Consumer reports tips and safety about pressure washing.

If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can rent one at most home improvement stores. However, if you aren’t comfortable handling one, hire a professional. If you are pressure washing your home to have it repainted, make sure the painter you use will pressure wash first. Pressure washing companies are available, along with experienced handyman. Concrete companies may also provide this service if you are updating or replacing concrete. Make sure you get reliable references for anyone you hire to work in and on your home.

pressure washing

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