2020 Housing Forecast

The Year 2020 housing forecast for Seattle, the Eastside, King County and Snohomish County is bright. Unbelievably low interest rates and strong job growth are expected to continue.
Consequently, if you’ve been on the fence about selling, this could be your year. If you’ve wondered if it’s a good time to buy, low rates could increase your buying power. However, you need to be prepared in a strong market. First and foremost, read the pdf for the full 2020 housing forecast.

When looking at the current market or projecting market condition in the months or years to come, the key factors that are essential to analyze remain the same: job growth, interest rates and the months of unsold supply. All three factors drive the sales activity intensity in a particular area and in central Puget Sound, job growth is extremely strong, interest rates are in the threes and the more affordable and mid-price ranges are at a severe shortage of unsold inventory.

J. Lennox Scott ~ Chairman & CEO

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