Cleaning Faucets and Shower Heads

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Cleaning household faucets and shower heads should be added to your annual cleaning schedule. Keeping these items clean will improve water quality and pressure.

Clean household faucet aerators by removing them and rinsing to remove grime and mineral deposits. Shower heads that don’t come apart can be soaked in place. First, mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water and pour it into a plastic bag. Secondly, put the plastic bag around the shower head immersing the holes in the liquid. Finally, secure the bag with a tie and leave it to soak. Once you have cleaned your faucets and shower heads, check all parts for leaks.  Be sure to replace washers, knobs, shower heads and faucets that are leaking.

Water leaks can cause major damage. As a result of annual maintenance, you could avoid costly repairs.

faucets and Shower Heads

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Fans and Vents Home Maintenance Tip

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It’s a great time to clean all of your fans and vents! When making your list, don’t forget to include the following items:

  • ceiling fans
  • bathroom fans
  • dryer vents
  • range hoods
  • heating vents
  • duct work

Also, make sure to replace items that are damaged or don’t work properly. As a result, you’ll keep your family safe by improving air quality and preventing fires.

fans and vents

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Smoke and CO Detectors Tip

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Spring is a great time to test your smoke and CO detectors. It is important to your family’s health and safety to ensure they are working properly. You should find a test button on each of them. Pressing the test button should confirm that they are working as expected. Also, once you have tested them you should replace the batteries. Not all smoke and CO detectors have a hard-wired back-up. Consequently, if the batteries die you will not be alerted by these devices. For that reason, if you make it a habit to replace them each spring and you won’t have to worry.

smoke and co detectors

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