Exterior Caulking Tip

Reading Time: 1 minute

Summer 🌞 weather is ideal for exterior caulking. Caulking prevents rain 🌧 from seeping in and causing rot. Start by removing caulk that is cracked, crumbling or pulling away and replace it.  Also, choose exterior caulking that is made to take paint if you are thinking about painting.
Exterior Caulking

Faucet and Shower Heads Maintenance Tip

Reading Time: 1 minute

Clean household faucet aerators and shower heads 🛁 to remove any grime and mineral deposits. Once clean, check all parts for leaks 💧 and replace washers, knobs, shower heads 🚿 and faucets that are leaking 💦

faucets and Shower Heads

Fans and Vents Home Maintenance Tip

Reading Time: 1 minute

It’s a great time to clean

✔ ceiling fans
✔ bathroom fans
✔ dryer vents
✔ range hoods
✔ heating vents
✔ duct work

⚠Make sure to replace items that are damaged or don’t work properly. Keep your family safe by improving air quality and preventing fires.🔥

fans and vents